Jesus Loves Me Podcast

Episode 4

The Will of God

Sharon and Jana discuss what God’s will is and how we can discover it on our own in Scripture. The Bible is full of key indicators of what God’s will is. We must be able to recognize the will of God as we study the Word and implement it in our lives.

Jesus Loves Me Podcast

Episode 3


There are many ways we can pray to build intimacy and relationship with God. We can be persistent, caring, and aligned with God’s will and plan for ourselves and others. Sharon and Jana discuss how to pray and what to expect in this episode.

Jesus Loves Me Podcast

Episode 2

Intimacy & Relationship

Getting Closer to Jesus takes building a relationship with Him. It can be strange or difficult to do at first, but the time and energy is worth the effort. He loves you more than you will ever know.

NEW Jesus Loves Me Podcast

Episode 1

Knowing His Love

Sharon and Jana talk about their new Podcast and why they decided to launch it. Receiving Jesus’ love is a step in the right direction as we walk out our salvation.

Ephesians Part Three

Jana Rawling & Sharon Luzzi

Living Life Loved

Sharon and Jana review unity in the body of Christ and how we now have a new life in Jesus. We are to live in the Light as a critical form of spiritual warfare, and understand how we are to treat family, friends and co-workers. All of this while being aware of our spiritual armor and the fact that we aren’t fighting against the flesh but of spiritual influences.

Podcast Audio Only

Season 2, Episode 17

Ephesians Part One

Hardwired for Life: Season 2, Episode 15

A Manual for Living

Unity, family and spiritual warfare are major components of a healthy relationship with God. Sharon and Jana read from the Word and discuss important issues in this manual for living.

Podcast Audio Only

Season 2, Episode 15

Urgent Ministry

Jana & Sharon

Put Family First.

Sharon and Jana talk about an urgent word they received from the Lord. Everything is different and new in this season, so what is most important and why?

Podcast Audio Only

Season 2, Episode 14

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