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Sometimes It’s Hard to get Creative

Or, to complete a project. Here we will be sharing Tips, How-To-Data, Brainstorming techniques, and more, all designed to help you move forward with Creativity.

Our goal is to help you tap-into the Creative Spirit already inside of you. 

We LOVE Ideas

People—human beings—are naturally wired with a desire to be or do something greater than themselves. This desire can also be described as a hole in our hearts. We were made with a very normal sense of something missing in our lives, which can lead to our attempt to search and fill this hole with unprofitable people, places and things.

IDEAS can become unprofitable filler, or they can become significant contributions to life. We leave you to filling the hole on your own, while encouraging you to find your filler with love.

Our goal is to help you manifest ideas into profitable endeavors. Profitable ideas will shed light into the dark holes of others’ hearts; they lift will spirits, heal brokenness and ignite imaginations. Profitable ideas come freely from the Creative Spirit in us all and are life-giving and loving. Tapping into creativity can position us to find the filler we were made to seek out and move us toward wholeness. Of course, we believe we will have a hole as long as we are alive; we just hope to make it smaller and smaller as we go. 

All unfinished projects started with an idea.

Ideas often come in a rush of creative adrenaline. The moment feels great and everything flows easily, which for some of us can become addictive. We can find ourselves with a number of unfinished projects—started, and stopped when the rush disappears. This start-stop process can become a hard habit to break, and our emotions inevitably get involved. We may even stop entertaining ideas all together, which for a creative person is not a good thing.

It’s usually when we start to evaluate the idea that things get tough, and that’s when they stall, or stop completely.

We are all about supporting people through the project, and hopefully, to its completion.

We are here to help you move your projects beyond where you may be willing, or able to take them by yourself. Alone, it’s just too easy to stop when the challenges come, or the project gets risky. But, it’s the risky ideas that change lives.

Partner with us to keep your ideas alive, and let us know how we can help you. 

Try this every day to get your
Creative Projects moving forward

by Jana Rawling

Six Easy Steps to the Finish Line.


Inspiration & Knowledge: An artist is only as good as his/her resources. Research the professionals. They have already been where you are going. Look at professional magazines, books, and scholarly journals. And, talk with some friends, or make new ones.

Read or Study

Fresh Eyes & A Fresh Mind: Take a fresh look at the work you have already done. Study it closely for design or grammatical errors. Care about your work, if you want others to care. If you aren’t sure what to change, go back to the basics. It never hurts to learn more about a topic you think you already know. A Dictionary and Thesaurus should be your best friends. Or, the Fundamentals and Principles of Design. Self-critique everything you do… you may want to set Ego aside for this one.

Write or Make

Just a Little Bit: If you don’t have time, just do what you can… But, DO something. Every inch will get you closer the the finish line. You know, the tortoise and the hair?


File & Workplace Management: This one can be hard for Creatives. Not saying, you can’t make messes! Just clean-up when you are finished or before your begin. Keep your digital files organized and keep that structure for all of the work you do. This will safe you a lot of time and headaches in the end.

Next Steps

Make a List: Write down all of the remaining steps or goals for the project and add the details as you go. There’s something very satisfying about crossing tasks off or checking that little box.

Pray & Prophesy

Keep God in the Loop: The Creator has more ideas than we can ever have alone.  Envision your work through a righteous Imagination and the impossible will become possible. Problems will find answers. Speak into your work and dream it into tomorrow. 

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