Mistakes & Failures

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

Get Up When You Fall

Being aware of our creative boundaries, or any boundaries, in our lives helps us to mature in Christ and co-create with God. Embrace your mistakes and failures as learning experiences. Work through them by trying again. Creating and succeeding satisfy the desires that lead us to our mastery and purpose.

Each person has within him or herself the ability to become a master of something. Why does it matter? God designed each one of us uniquely with very specific gifts and talents. We must discover what our purpose and calling are in order to walk with God in obedience. Mistakes and failures lead us into our calling by directing us toward our purpose. We can build on mistakes and failures until we master something.

We can master making recipes, drawing the human figure, building a carburetor, or whatever you are led by Holy Spirit to do well. You are unique and your mistakes and failures are unique to you. Failure for one person is not a failure for another. A mistake for one person is an inspiration to another. So, how do we judge ourselves to know what is good? It’s a feeling; a knowing from our hearts that we did the best job we could possibly do. But we can’t judge ourselves too harshly.

Let’s redefine how we judge ourselves. Let’s give ourselves room for mistakes and failures. We are made to co-create with God and do miraculous things for our lives and for others regardless of the mistakes we make.

Excerpt from Hardwired for Creativity: Art Supplies for the Mind by Jana Rawling (Coming Soon)

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