Words From the Lord: Simply Sharon

Simply Sharon, Open Letter to the Fatherless, Episode 3-A

This is a word, Open Letters to the Fatherless, was given in 2013 that is very relevant still today.

Simply Sharon, Arrows of Truth, Episode 3-B

Transcript for Arrows of Truth

Good morning, this is simply Sharon. Today I have a short word I got this during worship, but often the words I get are either encouragement or what the Lords up to. So during this particular worship service, I actually saw Fire Angels and I saw the River of love pour in. I saw raindrops with water and fire on them. Then I saw Jesus with a torch in his hand, lighting a Wick attached to a rocket, which really I believe has to do with his glory. And then he showed me an X marking the spot. And I believe that’s like the point of contact as far as his glory goes. And then later I saw two Angels, one with music in his hand and the other one with a musical note in his hand and over his head. Then I saw Jesus conducting worship and he’s always happy. 

It’s really cool. He’s always having a good time. And then at the end I just got this word. I am raising a voice above all voices, a voice to carry my love to carry my heart, a hearing heart to carry my heart. One that will send shockwaves around the world. Sound carried on arrows to be a direct hit. Arrows that cannot be broken or sent off course they will be a direct hit. A direct shot of truth to quench the lies of the enemy silver and gold they have not. My heart carries will send forth truth to the nations, arrows of Destiny, arrows of love, arrows of truth. None can compare. To the voice of truth that I will shoot for. They will always be a direct hit. To puncture the poisonous lies lies that have long been entrenched. 

My voice will shatter the lies that hold my people in bondage. They will be deafening, these ones that carry my arrows of truth, Eros that will shoot the smallest to the largest truth. Unshaken are my truth carriers. My truth carriers will destroy every stronghold lies that we believe and the people believe. This is the season to take down every lie, every falsehood, everything that would draw my people away from my truth. Every lie, every lie. My voice deposited in my cherished ones. Wise will no longer be able to stand in the weight of my presence. My presence will accompany every arrow that shoots forth. My voice will carry the weight of my glory, sharp as a two edged sword. They will not fail what I have sent them to do for my word is alive. It has power over death. It carries life. 

So in this word you know the Lord. It’s very clear the Lord is usually really direct, but I’m really excited because we’re on the edge of some great things to happen. And a lot of times in these words he’s actually giving you a really good picture of what to look for. So thank you today for listening and we’ll talk to you next time. 

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