Love Beyond Trauma

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Learning to Love Anyway

Love is the most important thing in life after salvation. We are to love God first, then others as we love ourselves. Right!?

Easier said than done.

First of all, we need to know what love is and Google says it’s “an intense feeling or deep affection.” To which, I am lovingly unmoved.

I have asked God to teach me and show me what love really is for many years now. I had significant traumas as a child, so love has been a hard one for me. I now know that I grew-up without much love at all. My Mother never told me she loved me and died when I was 32. I didn’t have a Father the majority of the time, the first one hated me, and the second one abused me. I do believe my Grandparents on my Mom’s side loved me, they just never said so.

The only chance I had at love was with Jesus and God my Father. I remember Jesus with me as a small child. And by the way, God is the best Father ever! He has shown me love that I cannot describe.

The love He first showed me was about “caring.” He showed me that He cares for me more than any human ever could. He’s danced with me, held me tight, and He prompts me to care for myself. He reminds me to rest, to take my meds, to make a phone call to a friend, and to love myself dearly. And He’s shown me how to love others.

His love is so intense I can’t describe it. I can hardly stand in His presence. He drapes His love over me like a warm embrace. When I feel His love, I start to cry.

I have asked God to teach me what love is countless times and will for endless days. I believe that we are only experiencing a fraction of what His agape love is.

I can now love myself though I still have work to do. Plus, I am able to extend that love beyond my immediate family to others. Sometimes I meet someone for the first time and tell them I love them. That’s God. That’s proof He’s working Love into my life. All things are possible.

I was looking for a specific verse for this post and this was the “verse of the day” today:

Love overlooks the mistakes of others, but dwelling on the failures of others devastates friendships Proverbs 17:9 TPT

Again, that’s God. I’m meeting with a new friend today, so I’ll be sure to love her. I’ll take the risk that she may not love me. I’ll have courage to step up and allow God to love her through me. And I’ll thank God for all the love He’s shown me.

Today, I bless you with God’s true love. I pray that love washes over you and permeates your life.

Be blessed in Jesus’ Name.

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