Being in the Now

Being Present with Jesus

When I have a positive attitude about life, when I’m reading Scripture with a now mindset, and doing tasks — even the mundane — with a focus on God and love, I’m in the now. The now moment is described as a loss of time or being outside of time. The now moment is that white moment when everything in the world falls away except the one thing I’m doing. That moment is the place of peace that surpasses all understanding, of transcendent knowing and perfect healing.

Love is pure, honest and unconditional in the now moment. For example, I feel agape love when I behold my children in awe; that is the now. My words are more caring and I’m more loving to myself and others in the here and now.

When I’m not used to staying in the present moment it can be a challenge to get there. If I’m really distracted and unable to center myself at my foundation, I repeat the name Jesus over-and-over again. I can meditate to seek the now and allow myself to unplug from the world. I quiet my spirit, mind and body to plug into God in my core. The key is focusing on His love and my heartbeat or breathing.

I become increasingly aware of everything around me and in me once I connect. This is the place where Holy Spirit teaches me, where Jesus tells me He loves me, and where I can revere God’s handiwork more authentically. Just saying, being in the now is a wonderful present.

Excerpt from my Book: Hardwired for Purpose: Blazing Trails to Follow God’s Lead (Book 2 of 3)

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