Hardwired for Love

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I am ready to release my newest book Hardwired for Love. I would like to share some excerpts from my book. Here we go!!

I wrote the book in parts to give the reader a look into the dynamics of Love. Also the dynamics which help guard our hearts and discern violence. The main premise of the book is to understand how violence chips away at Love.

Here is an excerpt from the chapter titled Whispering and Suggestion.

Proverbs   4:23 

Keep your heart with all vigilance,

for from it flow the springs of life.

The Lord spoke to me about your heart or your mind many years ago. I did an exhaustive study on your mind and your heart. God wants to make sure we have every availability and knowledge to overcome and defeat the enemy of our soul. I have found it extremely important and one of the best weapons is to know how things work. Whether it is spiritual or in the physical realm it all goes together.

The power of suggestion is seen as a word or thought is introduced to your mind to accomplish that word or thought. You may be on a diet and someone offers you ice cream. It is clearly not on your diet. You have a choice to accept or reject the ice cream. The original thought is “I am on a diet and that is not on the list of the things I need to eat.” Your will is the seat of choice. Do you exercise your will for or against the ice cream? Your emotions may range from, “ I am excited and anticipating tasting the ice cream” to “Ugh, I would feel horrible to stop my progress of being healthy and lose weight.”

You could go through all of the logical thoughts or so it seems, of “it’s only one scoop of ice cream.” Or, “I’ll just exercise more.” It becomes the justification of your decision and actions. Your actions start with a thought. You process the thought until it becomes an action.

As you can see above, we need to be on guard about where our information comes from, who it comes from and what we allow in our heart. My next selection will be from the chapter Nice is a dirty word.

Nice is a dirty word , will soon make sense to you as we define it. Here it is as follows.

     We get the spelling of the word “nice” from the French word of the same spelling, meaning foolish. From the Old French it came from a Latin word nescius meaning ignorant and nescire meaning not known. The Middle English means stupid. Starting in the 14th century.

     This word has been changed over the centuries. This word breaks down as follows: In the 14th century, it meant foolish, silly, ostentation, wantonness, extravagance, cowardice and sloth. More meanings were fussy, finicky, reticent, trivial and dissolute. By the Middle Ages it became more neutral with the meaning coy and reserved. By the 18th century it was given more positive meanings however, I did not find those meanings for that time frame anywhere.

     Today this word is generally considered positive. Defined by today’s changed definition as follows: pleasant, pleasure, amiable and delightful. The word is clearly not related to one’s character. These words seem to appeal to the effect that have on the receiver. 

As you can see, guarding our hearts is essential to fend off intruders into our hearts. Boundaries are essential and knowledge is king. Hint, Kindness is the fruit of the Spirit that exhibits love. Nice is nothing more than a smoke screen in the love department. Being “nice” is nothing more than gaining illegal entrance into someone’s heart. Kindness actually is quantifiable and means something concrete.

We are literally Hardwired for love and respond best to receiving love and giving love. The neuroscience is proven in the love department. Our brains are not wired for violence. It actually binds us together or creates a bond.

I hope you have enjoyed the brief peak at my book! I will announce when it is available for purchase on Amazon. Have a great July!

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